This Week: “Nursery and Sunday School” [Feb 18th, 2018]

We are approaching the third month with our newly configured Nursery and Sunday School. By all indications, it is a resounding success: happy kids, happy parents, and happy church! And it was already a pretty happy place before the new program! Under the leadership of Charmaine Evans, our deacon and program coordinator, the Nursery and […]

This Week: “Three Days in Lent” [Feb 18th, 2018]

Every year during the season of Lent we offer programs designed to assist people in their spiritual journey. In the past we have read books, heard speakers, explored different forms of prayer, written creeds … and enriched our Lenten observance with such engaging activities. This year we offer “Three Days in Lent”—three Saturday workshops that […]

This Week: “Lent” [Feb 11th, 2018]

Lent. Forty days of prayer, penitence, fasting, and reflection that prepare us for the celebration of Easter . It draws our attention to the frailty of the human condition (“Remember you dust,” the priest says on Ash Wednesday, while imposing ashes in the form of a cross on the penitent’s forehead, “and to dust you […]

This Week: “Clergy In The Congregation” [Feb 2nd, 2018]

We are fortunate at St. Stephen’s to have a number of clergy who call our congregation home and, among those, several who act as “honorary clergy”, providing worship relief and other assistance with our church programs. All are either retired, or employed elsewhere, but they enrich our parish life with their presence. Don Axford is […]