This Week at St. Stephen’s: October 30th 2016

Since the early 1900’s the people of St. Stephen’s have met here to worship God and witness to Christ’s love for the world. We are enriched and enlivened by the diversity of our community. It is a place where faith is nurtured and we welcome people of all ages, races, backgrounds and sexual orientations. The […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s: October 23rd 2016

In our fast paced existence it is all too common to allow our schedules and exterior demands to control what we are doing, what we thinking and how we respond to life itself. When we get bounced around from thing to thing….we can be tempted to listen to everyone else’s wants and desires on our […]

Rogues on the Carpet

On Friday, September 30, our rector appeared before the archbishop and the chancellor of the diocese, along with four other clergy, to receive a stern admonishment from the chancellor and a formal warning, in writing, from the archbishop. The reason? Blessing the civil marriage between a woman and her partner, who identifies as “Trans”, in […]

NeST Update

We don’t have an arrival date yet BUT on Thanksgiving Sunday, Fransis of our Translation Team was able to contact the father of the Syrian family we are sponsoring and have a brief telephone conversation. This is our first direct contact with the family. The father, Khalil, said that he and his family are ok […]

This Week At St. Stephen’s: October 16th 2016

It comes as a surprise to some that an organization like a church relies entirely on individual financial donations, and not on financial support from governments.   Additionally, many of the activities and ministries are done by volunteers, not paid staff. St. Stephen’s is no different.  It is only through the ongoing commitment of its parishioners’ […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s: October 9th 2016

Recent political hijinks in the church and in the world lead us to think about the nature of leadership, and especially leadership in the church. We are reminded that, as followers of Jesus, “the greatest among you should be the servant of all”, which is a model of leadership more often preached than practised. The […]