This Week at St. Stephen’s–January 31, 2016

“WELCOMING THE STRANGER” Every week we are blessed in our worship to have a mix of both long-time members and newcomers. In fact, most weeks our worship includes people who have never been with us before—friends and relatives of church members, spiritual seekers, church shoppers. Some of our visitors have never been to church … […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–January 24, 2016

NOT OVER YET At the risk of returning too soon to a painful topic, there have been two recent developments in our quest to offer same-sex blessings at St. Stephen’s. One of course is the decision last week of the primates of the worldwide Anglican Communion to censure the Episcopal Church of the United States […]

WISDOM GATHERING: Learning to Listen to God

You are invited to join us for a consideration of spiritual direction in its many forms. Our special guest will be Susan Cooper, Spiritual Director on staff at Hillhurst United Church. Susan is a contemplative who offers spiritual companionship and life coaching to groups and to individuals. She is also a writer and an editor. […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–January 17, 2016

OUTREACH Each month we make available a special offering envelope we call the Pink Envelope. This is designated for one of six outreach projects Parish Council has identified for the year. The envelopes are included with the boxed set of envelopes for those who give in this way, or separately for those who give by […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–January 10, 2016

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE When something seems too good to be true, sometimes that’s exactly what it is—too good to be true. Such has been the case with our appeal to the senior bishop of our ecclesiastical province for Shared Episcopal Ministry. The appeal was intended to provide us with a bishop who would […]