This Week at St. Stephen’s–November 01, 2015

“REACHING FARTHER:GIVING SMARTER” An important shift has occurred in our day-to-day outreach at St. Stephen’s. In the past we responded as best we could to anyone who came to the door looking for help: a food voucher here, a book of bus tickets there. We tried to deal fairly and respectfully with those in need, […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–October 25, 2015

“SLOW DOWN (YOU MOVE TOO FAST)” Contemplation is not a word most of us use on a regular basis. When we do we might say we need to contemplate an idea or a situation, meaning we need to think about it deeply, mulling it over in our minds before we act. For some spiritual seekers, […]

This Week at Stephen’s–October 18, 2015

STEWARDSHIP Stewardship means taking care of what we have been given. It is ours only as an entrustment, like a wine steward his cellar or a flight attendant her passengers. It is the responsibility implied when a parent asks an older child to look after a younger child: “Take care of that which is precious […]

This Week at St. Stephens–October 11, 2015

GOOD QUESTION Ever wonder what (really) happens when we die? Is the paranormal activity associated with dying—clairvoyance, walking toward the light, mystical union—actually normal? In death do we finally experience the world as it truly is? Are you dying to find out? Well, maybe you don’t have to! On November 20th and 21st St. Stephen’s […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–October 04, 2015

ROADBLOCK Some of you may be wondering where we are in our attempts to receive our archbishop’s permission to offer same-sex blessings at St. Stephen’s. The rector and wardens met with the Archbishop Greg in July to seek a clear statement of his intentions on this matter. The archbishop feels there has not been adequate […]