This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 31, 2015

OPENING HEAVEN’S DOOR One of the great privileges afforded clergy is accompanying those who are dying and those who attend to them. All pretence and artifice fall away as together we stare into that most mysterious portal of death. In the days leading up to someone’s passing, things often become surreal. If the dying person […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 24, 2015

PLEASE JOIN US! Traditionally, we Christians have been called the “Church Militant”, meaning all the faithful living on the earth. Those who’ve gone before us, who now dwell with God in heaven, have been known as the “Church Triumphant”. These are lofty terms from a more confident time in the church’s history. More recently we […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 24, 2015

HELP FOR NEPAL We have read and watched with horror the aftermath of now several waves of earth tremors that have rocked the mountainous nation of Nepal. It is estimated that over eight thousand people have died and that many more than that have been displaced. The country will be years literally digging itself out […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 10, 2015

FAITH AND POLITICS A responsible church that honours the intelligence, the faith, and the individual freedom of its members does not presume to tell people how to vote. So it is difficult to formulate a collective response to the sea change Albertans experienced in last week’s provincial election. But what we can do is ask […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 03, 2015

SHARED EPISCOPAL MINISTRY This week we will take our first steps toward breaking the impasse between our bishop and ourselves over the issue of same-sex blessings. The initiative is called Shared Episcopal Ministry and should result in our receiving the pastoral services of a bishop who is sympathetic to our request to perform same-sex blessings […]