Renovation Corner–November 03, 2013

Renovation Corner #’s As we prepare to close the file on the renovations here are some numbers you might find interesting: 10    The number of years we have been studying what to do with our ageing buildings. 3     The number of years the Building Renewal Action Group (BRAG) has been meeting to plan and  coordinate […]

Renovation Corner–October 27, 2013

We have our dates! We expect to see the completion of the renovations within the first week in November, followed by our occupancy permit by November 15.  This means we can begin moving back into our church, chapel and creation space (the former Nazareth and Bethlehem Rooms) the weekend of the 17th. Here are some […]

Renovation Corner–October 20, 2013

Activity is increasing around the church these days as renovations approach completion. The finishing millwork in the church and chapel will be done this week, including the reinstallation of the altar rails in the chapel and the refitting of the main altar frontispiece into the reredos. The control boards for both the new sound system […]

Renovation Corner–October 13, 2013

This week it is fair to say we are almost there. Two weeks to completion, then a week or two for signing off and receiving an occupancy permit from the city, then we’re back in business. Enmax has disconnected the old electrical service and powered up the new one. The elevator is essentially complete and […]

Renovation Corner–October 06, 2013

As people are taking a peek and getting the feel for our new worship space some are curious about how it is going to work exactly. However we want it to work, would be our answer, flexibility being the key concept. If you examine the positioning of the new, overhead, theatre lighting you will see […]