Renovation Corner–June 30, 2013

Two major decisions were made this past week. Both were difficult decisions because of their central importance to how we will worship in the newly renovated St. Stephen’s. But it is very exciting! Right from the start BRAG members have said, “If we get the chairs wrong, the whole project could be compromised!” So for […]

Renovation Corner–June 23, 2013

As the painting of the church continues, a startling new look for our worship space begins to emerge—which is light, open, and surprisingly large!  Some have asked why we are painting over the beams and the wood panelling. The thinking is this: allow the eye to be guided to the architectural details that define the […]

Renovation Corner–June 16, 2013

This week we watched the concrete elevator shaft being poured, bit at a time, raising it finally to the level of the third floor. The interior walls have been checked for hazardous materials and prepared for the day when they will be cut open as entry points to the elevator on each floor. When that […]

Audio Sermon Update

Do to the renovation process we will not be posting recorded versions of the sermons again until after the renovations are complete. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Renovation Corner: June 2 2013

In recent weeks, since the renovation has started, we have not just been rebuilding our buildings, we have been rebuilding our community. For two weeks Bob Beaty led work teams to shorten the pews and prepare them for sale. The job was massive, there being over forty pews to do, and the team efforts were […]