Renovation Corner: May 26 2013

Well, if there was any doubt that we are in renovation mode, we have only to try to park off the alley or enter the church to make believers of us! The hole has now been dug in the back in preparation for the elevator shaft. It will be built to provide entry on all […]

Renovation Corner: May 19 2013

We tend to think of our renovations as a personal matter. We are updating our buildings to support our new directions in ministry and mission. So we might be a little surprised when the media take a sudden interest, as they did this past week. The selling off of our pews has turned out to […]

Pew Sale

Everything must go. Oak pews 3 – 8 feet, $450 – $750. Spice (book) racks, benches, kneelers, oak screens … even the pulpit! Saturday, May 25, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call 403-244-4879 for more information    

This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 19, 2013

WHEREVER THE SPIRIT LEADS US Pentecost is about new life. And not simply life unfolding before us, as we witness in our gardens every springtime. But life unfolding within us, as we feel the rejuvenation of new directions and new possibilities. The disciples had no idea what was happening when, like the rush of a […]