Audio Sermon – June 24th 2012

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This Week at St. Stephen’s–June 24, 2012

“DEACON IN THE CHURCH OF GOD” Today, June 24th, Clara King is to be ordained a deacon. On July 1st she will take her place on our staff as our assistant curate. A deacon, in catholic tradition, is the first of three orders of ministry that include priests and bishops. Some deacons are vocational, that […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–June 17, 2012

“HOMECOMING” One of the roles played by churches is that of a spiritual home, a safe harbour in a storm, a refuge, a place to which weary travellers return. We see this every week at St. Stephen’s where members, both old and new, seek a sense of belonging where familiar faces and familiar habits become […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–June 10, 2012

“IN FOR A PENNY…” “In for a penny, in for a pound,” the saying goes. And it is apt for the challenges and opportunities we face in our parish outreach. St. Stephen’s has a big heart. We opened our heart to the homeless fifteen years ago with the inception of Inn From the Cold. Our […]