Balancing the Fall

 THIS WEEK at St. Stephen’s … for October 2, 2011 An odd thing happens every year at this time.  All of nature is telling us to slow down, prepare our cave, turn inward, and prepare for the big winter sleep to come. But as the sun rises later and later each morning, and hastens to […]

Work & Play

THIS WEEK at St. Stephen’s … for September 25, 2011                 This Friday night and Saturday, as many members of St. Stephen’s roam our aisles, wine glass in hand, perusing stunning artwork from some of Calgary’s top artists, others will be sitting in small table groups poring over the diocesan rule book. It may not […]

Creating Communities of Hope

THIS WEEK at St. Stephen’s … September 18, 2011  There can hardly be a Canadian who did not breathe an enormous sigh of relief at the release of three-year-old Kienan Hebert last week, following his abduction in the middle of the night from his home in Sparwood, BC.  What parents did not follow this horrific […]

Fall Has Arrived! New Adventures Coming Up!

Greetings all!  I hope you all had a relaxing summer.  It is amazing how quickly summer passes and suddenly we are back to school, meeting new teachers, getting back to new activities. Excellent Adventure is ready to take off this fall with a couple of exciting new adventures.  We will start off with an investigation […]