This Week – July 3, 2011

Our slide into summer may slow us down, but no one’s asleep in the hammock here at St. Stephen’s.  Here’s what’s happening. Next Sunday we welcome the neighbourhood to our annual Stampede Breakfast and outdoor worship.  Organizer Marion Gibson has assembled a great crew to assist with the breakfast (we are preparing for 300 this […]

This Week: June 26, 2011

Last week our “Year of the Child” task force met to begin guiding us through a year of “child honouring” at St. Stephen’s.  It promises good things not only for the children and youth of the Parish, but for all of us. Someone asked about the “Year of the Child”—was this a United Nations designation […]

Summer reading

I have a confession to make.  My name is Heather Walker and I am a shameless reader.  I read for pleasure when I should be doing other things, like housework, laundry or professional reading.  There is little that I enjoy more than settling back with a good book. The scene of my crime could be […]

Excellent Adventure has arrived!

Welcome to St. Stephen’s Excellent Adventure Page!  In Excellent Adventure children between the ages 4 and 10 explore the stories of the bible using a variety of experiences including technology, art, drama, games and cooking!  Stay tuned for updates on our coming adventures in the Fall!  

Vox Folks (also known as Choir People) – Introduction

  ♫  VOX FOLKS  ♫ by Anne J. Brown Welcome to the St. Stephen’s Choir and Music Ministry column, a venue for meeting choir members and other musicians, learning about the music being offered in the church and – who knows – maybe sparking an interest in joining us! Each week, we’ll introduce one of […]