This Week – January 30, 2011

The place for the true follower of Christ is in the world, not in the church. The church is a place to return for strength, for consolation, for inspiration … but all in order to equip us for service in the world. At St. Stephen’s we find many opportunities for such service. Inn From the […]

This Week – January 23, 2011

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity concludes this weekend. Initiated in 1968, this ecumenical movement gathers Christians for eight days of prayer for mutual respect and cooperation among churches, if not for their actual organic union. In fact, given two thousand years of often fractious division, “Christian unity” is a bit of an oxymoron: […]

This Week – January 16, 2011

The church is a funny place. Not just humorous, but also tragic. It seems the more we try to emulate holiness and goodness, the more our baser instincts rise to the surface. Comedy often draws upon this tension between what we want to be and what we are, from Chaucer to Shakespeare to Monty Python and the […]

This Week – January 9, 2011

In the weeks following Christmas we are all about light. Since the winter solstice the earth has turned southward on its rotational axis and the days have started lengthening. But our worship on the Sundays after Epiphany also basks in the theme of light, divine light. This theme was first announced at Christmas, where God’s […]