Excellent Adventure – Christmas Pagent

Christmas Eve was a delight for the congregation of parents, grandparents and children in particular. Jean L. did a superlative job as narrator while Lynda Greuel, master pageant creator, and her assistants, guided angels, animals, kings and shepherds to their appointed places. The C. family (Rob, Jen and Luke) took the roles of Joseph, Mary […]

This Week – December 19, 2010

We now enter the “home stretch” in our race to Christmas. We would like to think it is not a race of our own making. It certainly feels like we are being rushed along by forces—marketing forces, family forces, cultural forces—that are greater than ourselves. But we still have a measure of choice over how […]

This Week – December 12, 2010

Children are among the great blessings of our lives. Whether children of our own, or children of those we love, or children who appear to us in a crowd of strangers, they have the capacity to melt our hearts and remind us of the child hidden away inside of each one of us. They are […]

This Week – December 3, 2010

December 1st was World AIDS Day, which we are observing this Sunday, December 5th. Begun in 1988 by members of the Global Program on AIDS, part of the World Health Organization, World AIDS Day is now observed annually around the world, drawing attention to the millions who continue to suffer the devastating effects of the HIV-AIDS […]