This Week – November 28, 2010

Church life, like that of a tree, is a matter of roots and reach. ‘Roots’ refers to nurturing the needs of our own members. ‘Reach’ is our work in the community and beyond. The weeks leading up to Christmas require a delicate balancing of the two. Last year we hosted two CBC concerts, A Cowboy Christmas, […]

This Week – November 14, 2010

Duty may produce results. But love produces joy. That’s why it’s so important not only to do what we must, but also to do what we love … joy sometimes being in short supply in the world. Our recent Midtown Mosaic is a great example. Borne of church member Ginny Binder’s love of art, last […]

This Week – November 07, 2010

Our “Learning to Breathe” meditation group was blessed to welcome a new friend this week. Julie Kirkpatrick, a recently published Ontario lawyer, intrigued and inspired us by reading from her book: “The Camino Letters – 26 Tasks on the Way to Finisterre”. Walking “the Camino” for 26 days allowed her some emotional healing and spiritual […]